Bandai Wonderswan Emulators

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Oswan (J)WindowsBandai Wonderswan3.9/51,178

Information of Console:

The WonderSwan is a handheld game reassure delivered in Japan by Bandai. It was created by Gunpei Yokoi’s organization Koto Laboratory and Bandai and was the last piece of equipment Yokoi created before his demise in 1997.

Bandai Wonderswan Emulators
Bandai Wonderswan Emulator

Delivered in 1999 in the fifth era of computer game consoles, the WonderSwan and its two later models, the WonderSwan Color and SwanCrystal were authoritatively upheld until being stopped by Bandai in 2003. During its life expectancy, no variety of the WonderSwan was delivered outside of Japan and for more information about this console then click on this link.