Capcom Play System 2 Emulators Download

Emulator NamePlatformConsoleRatingsTotal Downloads
CPSEmuAndroidCapcom Play System 23.8/510,398
KawaksWindowsCapcom Play System 24.4/54,879

Information of Capcom Play System 2 Console:

The CP System II (CPシステムII, shīpī shisutemu tsū) or CPS-2 is an arcade framework board that Capcom initially utilized in 1993 for Super Street Fighter II. It was the replacement to their past CP System and Capcom Power System Changer arcade equipment and was prevailing by the CP System III equipment in 1996, of which the CPS-2 would outlast by more than four years. The arcade framework had new deliveries for it until the finish of 2003, finishing with Hyper Street Fighter II. and for more information about this console then click on this link.

Capcom Play System 2 Console
Capcom Play System 2 Console

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