Commodore 64 Tapes Emulators

Emulator NamePlatformConsoleRatingsTotal Downloads
Hoxs64 32BitWindowsCommodore 64 Tapes5/51,179
Hoxs64 64BitWindowsCommodore 64 Tapes4.7/51,714
VICESorry, We Don’t knowCommodore 64 Tapes5/51,085

Information of Commodore 64 Tapes Console:

The initial two outside models were made as PET peripherals, and styled after the PET 2001 inherent tape drive. The last two were styled and advertised for the VIC-20 and C64. All 1530s are viable with each one of those PCs, just as the C128.

Commodore 64 Tapes console
Commodore 64 Tapes console

Also, a few models accompanied a little opening over the keys, to permit admittance to the change screw of the tape head azimuth position. A little screwdriver can in this manner effectively be utilized to impact the change without dismantling the Datassette’s suspension and for more information about this Commodore 64 Tapes console then click on this link.