Nintendo 64 Emulators

Emulator NameConsolePlatformRatingsTotal Downloads
1964Nintendo 64Windows3.8/5111,244
ApolloNintendo 64Windows4.1/527,184
CoolN64Nintendo 64Android4.4/56,285,793
CornNintendo 64Windows3.9/58,594
DaedalusXNintendo 64Sorry, We Don’t Know3.7/513,474
MegaN64Nintendo 64Android3.8/51,727,282
Mupen64Nintendo 64Windows3.9/534,389
Mupen64 AENintendo 64Android3.6/5169,674
Mupen64++Nintendo 64Windows4.1/518,620
Mupen64PlusNintendo 64Linux4/524,682
Mupen64PlusNintendo 64Mac OS X3.3/539,934
N64oidNintendo 64Android3.9/5161,459
Nemu64Nintendo 64Windows3.8/514,965
Project64Nintendo 64Windows4.4/5147,092
SixtyForceNintendo 64Mac OS X3.8/520,230
SupraHLENintendo 64Windows4.6/54,319
TR64Nintendo 64Windows4.1/54,296
TRWinNintendo 64Windows3.9/51,713
UltraHLENintendo 64Windows4.2/510,584
UltraHLE 2064Nintendo 64Windows3.7/55,383

Information of Nintendo 64 Console:

The Nintendo 64 (authoritatively shortened as N64, equipment model number pre-term: NUS, adapted as NINTENDO64) is a home computer game support created and promoted by Nintendo. Named for its 64-digit focal preparing unit, it was delivered in June 1996 in Japan, September 1996 in North America, and March 1997 in Europe and Australia.

Nintendo 64 console
Nintendo 64 console

It was the last significant home comfort to utilize the ROM cartridge as its essential stockpiling design until the Switch in 2017. The Nintendo 64 was ceased in 2002 after the dispatch of its replacement, the GameCube and for more information about this Nintendo 64 console then click on this link.

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