Nintendo DS Emulators

Emulator NameConsolePlatformRatingsTotal Downloads
DeSmuMENintendo DSWindows4.4/5990,231
DeSmuMENintendo DSMac OS X3.8/5234,786
DSemuNintendo DSWindows3.8/546,430
DualisNintendo DSWindows4/513,380
DuoSNintendo DSWindows4.2/524,251
IDeaSNintendo DSWindows4.1/542,869
NeonDSNintendo DSWindows4/559,889
No$GBANintendo DSWindows4.1/5108,695

Information of Nintendo DS Console:

The Nintendo DS, or essentially DS, is a handheld game comfort created by Nintendo. The gadget delivered worldwide across 2004 and 2005. The DS, an initialism for “Engineers’ System” or “Double Screen”, acquainted unmistakable new highlights with handheld games: two LCD screens working couple (the last one being a touchscreen), an implicit mouthpiece and backing for the remote network. The two screens are included inside a clamshell plan like the Game Boy Advance SP.

Nintendo DS Console
Nintendo DS Console

The Nintendo DS likewise includes the capacity for various DS consoles to straightforwardly associate with one another over Wi-Fi inside a short reach without the need to interface with a current remote organization. On the other hand, they could cooperate internet utilizing the now-ancient Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection administration. Its principal rival was Sony’s PlayStation Portable during the seventh era of computer game consoles and for more information about this Nintendo DS console then click on this link.

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