Nintendo Virtual Boy Emulators

Emulator NameConsolePlatformRatingsTotal Downloads
Red DragonNintendo Virtual BoyWindows4.2/52,488
Reality BoyNintendo Virtual BoyWindows4.3/5804
Virtual-ENintendo Virtual BoyWindows4/5588
VBjinNintendo Virtual BoySorry, We Don’t Know4/52,257

Information of Nintendo Virtual Boy Console:

The Virtual Boy is a 32-digit tabletop compact computer game comfort created and produced by Nintendo. Delivered in 1995, it was showcased as the main support fit for showing stereoscopic “3D” designs. The player utilizes the comfort like a head-mounted presentation, setting the head against the eyepiece to see a red monochrome showcase. The games utilize a parallax impact to make the hallucination of profundity.

Nintendo Virtual Boy consoles
Nintendo Virtual Boy console

Deals neglected to meet targets, and Nintendo stopped appropriation and game advancement in 1996, having delivered just 22 games for the framework and for more information about this Nintendo Virtual Boy console then click on this link.

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