Philips Cd-I Emulators

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CD-I EmulatorPhilips Cd-IWindows4.1/53,376

Information of Philips Cd-I Console:

The Compact Disk-Interactive (CD-I, later CD-I) is an advanced optical circle information stockpiling design that was generally evolved and promoted by Dutch organization, Philips. It was made as an expansion of CDDA and CD-ROM and determined in the Green Book, co-created by Philips and Sony, to consolidate sound, text and designs.

Cd-I console
Cd-I console

The two organizations at first expected to affect the instruction/preparing, retail location, and home media outlets, yet CD-I, in the long run, turned out to be most popular for its computer games and for more information about this Philips Cd-I console then click on this link.