Sega 32x Emulators

Emulator NameConsolePlatformRatingsTotal Download
Kega FusionSega 32xWindows3.8/54,196
Kega FusionSega 32xMac OS X3.9/51,988

Information of Sega 32x Console:

The 32X is an extra for the Sega Genesis computer game comfort. Codenamed “Task Mars”, the 32X was intended to extend the force of the Genesis and fill in as a temporary comfort into the 32-digit time until the arrival of the Sega Saturn. of the Genesis, the 32X uses its own ROM cartridges and has its own library of games.

Sega 32x Console
Sega 32x Console

It was conveyed under the name Super 32X[a] in Japan, Genesis 32X in North America, Mega Drive 32X in the PAL area, and Mega 32X in Brazil and for more information about this Sega 32x console then click on this link.

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