Sega CD Emulators

Emulator NameConsolePlatformRatingsTotal Download
Kega FusionSega CDWindows4.7/53,136
Kega FusionSega CDMac OS X3.3/51,141

Information of Sega CD Console:

The Sega CD, delivered as the Mega-CD in many districts outside North America and Brazil, is a CD-ROM extra for the Mega Drive/Genesis planned and created by Sega as a feature of the fourth era of computer game consoles.

Sega CD console
Sega CD console

It was delivered on December 12, 1991, in Japan, October 15, 1992, in North America, and April 2, 1993, in Europe. The Sega CD plays CD-based games and adds equipment usefulness, for example, a quicker focal handling unit and realistic upgrades like sprite scaling and turn. It can likewise play sound CDs and CD+G circles and for more information about this Sega CD console then click on this link.