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Information about Amstrad CPC Roms:

Amstrad CPC 464 – an 8-bit PC delivered in 1984 by Amstrad Company at a cost of 249 pounds, as a contender to the Commodore 64 and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. This PC was otherwise called Schneider CPC 464 adjustment GT65 – a similar Amstrad however delivered for German, Austrian and Switzerland market with green screen. The PC was outfitted with Zilog Z80 processor (2,5 MHz recurrence), 64 kb RAM, tape recorder and Locomotive BASIC 1.0 working framework.

Amstrad CPC represents Color Personal Computer. It worth to take note of that on the foundation of contending stages by Atari, Commodore and Sinclair, games on Amstrad CPC looked very fair and square and frequently were better than their analogs for ZX Spectrum pleasing the eye with distinctive tones. Obviously, we can’t contrast it with the excellence of VGA level or multi-CGA on PC, yet remember it was the year 1984! IBM PC fans in the best case were happy with 4-shading CGA. Amstrad CPC got inescapable in France.

Today, a lot of emulators of Amstrad CPC are in the advancement stage. Worth to specify the most famous, for example, CPCEMU and WinCPC. Amstrad CPC ROMs games and Amstrad CPC emulators can be downloaded for free on our site.