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Atari ST Roms

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Information about Atari ST Roms:

Atari ST was the initial 16-cycle PC famous in Europe and the United States. It was the principle contender of Commodore Amiga in the second 50% of 1980, preceding it was dislodged from the part of the home PC by IBM PC since 1989. From 1985 until 1987 Atari ST was the pioneer on deals because of the lower cost, for instance, in 1986 Atari ST with 512 KB had a cost of about $600, which was around 2 two times less expensive than existing Amiga models. The main games around then were made for numerous home PCs to augment the crowd reach. Pioneers in quality were the games for Commodore Amiga and tantamount to it Atari ST. The individuals who need to mess around the 1980s should attempt first the games for those stages. A few games (particularly before 1987) initially were made for Atari ST and afterwards ported to Amiga without huge changes. In some cases these games were running better on the first stage, part of the way in light of the fact that the Atari ST processor was about 10% quicker (that is the reason games with vector designs work a cycle better on ST).

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