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Information about Commodore 64 Roms / C64 Roms:

Commodore 64, otherwise called Commodore C64C or Commodore C64 II showed up available without precedent for March 1983 with the cost of $599. Around then understudies couldn’t bear the cost of that measure of cash to which it was important to add the expense of the outside drive – about $360 and shading screen.

Commodore 64 – a PC, what began the vocations of numerous IT experts of today (particularly in the US and Japan, in Europe it had a contender – ZX Spectrum). During the 1980s, in entrepreneur nations, you could undoubtedly locate an innumerable number of additional items, adornments and peripherals for this home PC. Hence, numerous youthful PC lovers were playing hooky, spending restless (yet energizing) evenings before the screen.

Around then x86 PC actually has been rivalling the Commodore for a piece of the pie. It was the hour of the arrangement of PC innovation, and interest around there has pushed numerous youngsters to pick a profession in the IT field. A considerable lot of the Commodore 64 games have been changed over into ROMs games that you can download free of charge and play with the help of Commodore 64 Emulator on your advanced PC. Discover the biggest assortment of Commodore 64 ROMs games here.