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Commodore Pet Roms

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Information about Commodore Pet Roms:

Commodore PET 2001 is the uncommon PC, delivered by the Commodore International organization in January 1977. Hardly any individuals realize that the organization, which got referred to the world as a maker of the top-rated on the planet Commodore 64 PC started with the creation of typewriters and adding machines. What’s more, it would keep selling that if the Texas Instruments in the second 50% of 1970 would not raise the cost of the chips, consequently denied numerous accomplices. It was then when Commodore originator Jack Tramiel chose to locate another provider of chips and ultimately purchased MOS Technology, Inc., which had delivered another single-load up microcomputer KIM-1 (which was the model of Commodore PET) in light of microchip 6502, which later started to be utilized on numerous well-known PCs of that time: Apple II, Atari 400, Atari 800, AIM-65 and others.

Lots of games were released for Commodore PET and most of them you can download for free on our roms games section. With the help of Commodore PET emulators, you can easily run them on your computer.