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Commodore Plus4 C16 Roms

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Information about Commodore Plus4 C16 Roms:

Commodore PLUS C16/116 is the PC from the Commodore 64 family. It was made to supplant the Commodore VIC-20, yet it was not viable either with it or with the Commodore 64 (C64). The PC had similar highlights as the Commodore Plus/4 – a similar realistic goal, a sound framework and the speed of the processor. The exemption was the memory – it was significantly less than in its archetypes. Coordinated Basic was a seriously amazing programming device (instead of “VIC-20” or C64), permitted to effortlessly make programs with great sound and illustrations. Same as Commodore Plus/4, the C16 model was financially fruitless. It was accepted that the C16 will be serious with so much PCs as Timex Sinclair, Mattel and Texas Instruments (TI). Commodore Plus C16 probably won’t have been the best PC, in any case, many intriguing games were delivered for it. All of the most popular roms games for Commodore PLUS C16 can be downloaded here as well as the Commodore PLUS C16 emulators are need to play them on your PC.