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Commodore VIC20 Roms

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Information about Commodore VIC20 Roms:

Commodore VIC20 has become the replacement to pretty mainstream Commodore PET. The Commodore VIC 20 was furnished with a similar processor as in the PET model and a similar adaptation of BASIC. In any case, the processor of MOS Technology was exceptionally famous in the mid-80s. VIC 20 has become mainstream as well. The organization figured out how to sell over 1,000,000 units of this model. The model name is gotten from the stacked contractions VIC (Video Interface Chip – graphical interface chip, intended to deal with the designs in this specific model) and capacity limit (5KB of RAM + 15 KB ROM).

At first, the PCs have been sold in Japan with a unique character set “Katakana”. Later it showed available to be purchased in Europe. Additionally, the achievement in deals of Commodore VIC 20 mostly has a place with a wide assortment of peripherals and programming intended for this model. Afterwards, in 1984, when the organization supplanted the VIC 20 with the new model Commodore 16, the last one couldn’t be so effective in view of the incongruence with the VIC 20. An extraordinary assortment of ROMs games for Commodore VIC20 Emulators can be downloaded from this page. Enjoy the free downloads and show your friends and children what kind of games you had in your childhood.