Galaksija Roms

Galaksija Roms

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Information about Galaksija Roms:

Galaksija – the primary Yugoslavian DYI PC that began the transformation in the PC business in Yugoslavia. During the 1980s PCs were an uncommon extravagance in Yugoslavia. ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 cost was more than the month to month compensation, and that is in the event that you had the option to get through all hindrances identified with imports. Afterwards, in 1983, during a vacation in Risan, Voya Antonic began to consider another PC, the public PC which would be less expensive than imported from abroad. In 1983, scarcely any individuals realized what is a PC and what they look like.

Around then, the lone PCs that most of the occupants of Yugoslavia have at any point seen were programmable mini-computers, yet the circumstance began to change quickly. Antonic around than previously went through quite a long while contemplating and working with hardware – to be specific, chip and the significant expense of imported PCs drove him to attempt the advancement of his own.

Galaksija PC processor was the Zilog Z80, an economical and generally utilized chip, which was additionally utilized in ZX Spectrum by Sinclair. Despite the fact that Galaksija couldn’t be similar to the business PCs of a similar time in its abilities, it had a significant neighbourhood sway. Numerous PC devotees have contemplated crafted by PCs on the Galaksija model – it ended up being a decent device for learning and experimentation. The games delivered for Galaksija were changed over into roms and iso designs. To play Galaksija roms games on your pc you will need to install additional Galaksija emulators software available for free download on this site.