Mattel Aquarius Roms

Mattel Aquarius Roms

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Information about Mattel Aquarius Roms:

Aquarius is a home PC delivered by Mattel discounted in 1983. It was constructed dependent on the microchip Zilog Z80 with 4 KB of RAM, and a console with elastic keys. Mattel Aquarius ROM contained an uncommon form of Microsoft BASIC. A PC could be associated with a TV and utilized a recording device as a capacity gadget. Likewise, few extra gadgets were delivered for Aquarius, like the 40-character warm printer, 4-shading printer and a modem with an information pace of 300 bauds.

Aquarius was not created by Mattel, its planner – was a producer of gadgets called Radofin, situated in Hong Kong. It was reported in 1982 and delivered in June 1983 at a cost of 160 dollars. Because of helpless deals, Aquarius creation was ended following four months. Mattel purchased the rights available to be purchased from Radofin. Two other long-existing organizations – CEZAR Industries and CRIMAC Inc. – additionally were occupied with deals of Aquarius and its extras.

Despite the fact that Aquarius was less expensive than the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A and Commodore VIC-20, it had more regrettable designs, sound abilities and a restricted measure of memory. Developers from Mattel considered it an “arrangement of the seventies”. Of the 32 projects, reported by Mattel, were delivered just 21. A dominant part of these projects were games ported from Mattel Intellivision. Because of the way that Intellivision would do well to illustrations and sound capacities, these games were preferable on it over on Aquarius.

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