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Information about MSX 2 Roms:

MSX 2 is the development of the MSX Computer, delivered in 1986. MSX 2 adaptation depended on a similar 8-digit Zilog Z80 processor, anyway, the RAM was expanded from 32 KB to 64/128 KB but could be expanded up to 4 MB with the assistance of Memory Mapper System. With respect to illustrations, Yamaha V9938 chip was utilized which expanded the VRAM size to 128 KB. The remainder of equipment was a remarkable same as on archetype MSX Computer.

Yamaha MSX 2 was likewise generally utilized as a home PC. Under the permit of Yamaha MSX 2 was delivered with minor changes in the construction and plan by such huge organizations as Sony, Daewoo, Yashica. In 1995, the creation of any MSX standard was dropped. Thoroughly were sold around 5 million MSX PCs.

The famous games that were delivered for MSX 2 PCs, for example, Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2 – Solid Snake, Super Rambo Special, Contra, King Kong 2 and others were ported to ROMs. These days, anybody can evaluate those games without having an MSX 2 PC. The entirety of the famous MSX 2 ROMs games are accessible free of charge download on this page. Get the MSX 2 emulator and mess around on your advanced pc, android or iOS gadget.