Robotron Z1013 Roms

Robotron Z1013 Roms

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Information about Robotron Z1013 Roms:

Robotron Z1013, otherwise called MRB Z1013 is a solitary board PC delivered in 1985 in East German by VEB Robotron Riesa organization. Z1013 was utilized as a section level into the universe of PCs for understudies and lovers. Around then, Z1013 acquired notoriety and was utilized in different instructive organizations. The PC depended on Z1013.01: U880 microchip with the recurrence of 1 MHz and 16 KB of RAM, nonetheless, the up and coming age of Z1013 had up to 2MHz processor and up to 64 KB RAM. The video yield upheld text mode 32 x 32, which was very normal around then. Minimized tapes were utilized as media gadgets.

Robotron Z1013 has been accessible since 1985, and just sold as a unit. The unit included previously gathered and tried motherboard, a level layer console, other little parts and point by point specialized documentation. The BASIC translator was additionally remembered for the bundle and could be utilized by stacking from reduced tape or by utilizing a module.

A portion of the games was grown solely for Robotron Z1013 model, yet these days you don’t have to possess the uncommon machine to play them. Robotron Z1013 ROMs games are lightweight reproductions of unique Z1013 games, which can be played on present-day home PCs, workstations, tablets and even cell phones with android and ios. Download with the  Robotron Z1013 emulators programming and imitate any Z1013 game without any problem.