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Sega Super Control Station Roms

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Information about Sega Super Control Station Roms:

Sega Super Control Station, otherwise called SF-7000 is an extension module created in Japan, for SC-3000, adding a standard drive for 3-inch circles with a most extreme limit of 160 KB, equal port Centronics and 16 KB of RAM. In any case, its cost was too large in any event, for Japan – $830. Today, Super Control Station SF-7000 is an exceptionally uncommon gadget, since it was excessively costly and a couple of possessed it. Fundamentally, SF-7000 could change an SC-3000 comfort into an undeniable PC.

Super Control Station SF-7000 could transform SC-3000 into a serious gadget for that period, albeit Serial and Parallel ports are as yet present in current PCs, so in principle, you can, in any case, interface the SC-3000 support to the PC with the assistance of the SF-7000 module. Luckily, you don’t have to do perform such control, in light of the fact that some time prior some brilliant personalities figured out how to make a Super Control Station emulator which can be dispatched on any advanced PC, tablet or cell phone with android or ios. All of the software, including Super Control Station games were ported into roms. Download for free SF-7000 roms games and play them with your friends with the help of a Sega Super Control Station emulators.