Tandy Color Computer Roms

Tandy Color Computer Roms

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Information about Tandy Color Computer Roms:

Tandy Color Computer, or referred to around then as TRS-80 Color Computer is a home PC based on Motorola 6809E chip. CoCo is a piece of the TRS-80 arrangement delivered by Tandy Corporation. Shading Computer, based on the Motorola 6809 is drastically not quite the same as the TRS-80 I/II/III/4 and 4p in the name “TRS-80” obviously alluded to the Z80 processor. Inside the organization, Tandy Color Computer was known as the TRS-90 – “9” alludes to the “6809”, however during the deal, this name Tandy chose to keep the old name because of reasons. In this way, the Color Computer with the new processor actually was called TRS-80.

The task “Green Thumb” was dispatched in 1977 together by Tandy Corporation and Motorola Semiconductor, Inc. The primary goal of the venture was to make a modest PC for home use. At first, it was accepted the formation of a minimal effort terminal for the Videotex framework for individuals, working in the rural business. This terminal could join a customary phone line and shading TV, permitting ranchers to get the important practically continuously.

Around a similar time, Motorola delivered another MC6847 Video Display Generator chip. The rise of this chip permitted to set up of a model framework dependent on the MC6809 processor. The model was introduced in 1978, notwithstanding, it contained an excessive number of chips, which was not reasonable for discharge, so the Motorola have tackled this issue by consolidating the elements of various little chips in one MC6883 Synchronous Address Multiplexer.

Toward the finish of 1979, Motorola has delivered another amazing chip called MC6809. Based on these three chips – VDG, SAM and 6809 was made the terminal, called AgVision. In light of that, on July 31, 1980, Tandy has declared the TRS-80 Color Computer. From the start, it was indistinguishable from AgVision/Videotex terminals: a similar plan, console and format.

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