Tangerine Oric Roms

Tangerine Oric Roms

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Information about Tangerine Oric Roms:

Tangerine Oric – the name of the arrangement of home PCs that have been delivered from 1983 to 1986 by Tangerine Computer Systems organization. Oric PCs were mainstream in the United Kingdom. The principal PC from the Oric arrangement Oric-1 was delivered in 1983 to rival the head of the home PCs market around then – Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Oric-1 was the inheritor of the Microtan 65 PC that was delivered at this point in 1979.

Being a contender of such effective PC as ZX Spectrum, Oric-1 had to bring to the table something exceptional or if nothing else the equivalent for considerably less cash – this was the possibility of Tangerine organization.

Oric-1 has a lot of advantageous consoles contrasted with the Spectrum, additionally, Oric-1 could undoubtedly beat the adversary with the new 3-channel sound chip GI 8912 and custom ASIC-chip, which dealt with the memory and gave two methods of showing the data on the screen – text mode 40×25 characters and illustrations mode with the goal of 240×200.

It has been sold around 200 thousand units of the main model from the Oric arrangement. It didn’t meet the assumptions for Tangerine organization, in any case, it was sufficient to be seen by Edenspring organization which thusly procured Oric International and allotted 4 million pounds for the advancement of the organization.

The finish of creation of Oric-1 occurred in January 194, notwithstanding, with the put-away cash Oric International had the option to deliver other home PCs from the Oric arrangement, specifically, Oric Atmos in 1984, Oric Nova, which was the Yugoslavian clone of Atmos, Oric Stratos in 1985 and the last model from the arrangement was Oric Telestrat, delivered in 1986.

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