Thomson MO5 Roms

Thomson MO5 Roms

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Information about Thomson MO5 Roms:

Thomson MO5 is the original of 8-digit computers delivered by Thomson, around then known as SIMIV, in 1984 in France. The designers expected to make a modest PC that could rival ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 – heads of the market of home computers.

Generally, Thomson MO5 computers were sold in France and for different reasons they couldn’t rival referenced above computers, so the organization chose to close the creation of MO5 model and spotlight on the MO6 model, which is an improved variant that was delivered in 1985. MO5 were chiefly utilized in schools as instructive devices around then.

Thomson MO5 depended on Motorola 6809E chip with a recurrence of 1 MHz, 48 KB of RAM, coordinated BASIC and 40×25 content goal. Additionally, Thomson MO5 is known as a slice down variant of the TO-7/70, which was delivered simultaneously.

Thomson zeroed in a great deal on the appearance of the gadget, accordingly, it was appealing regarding plan, anthracite tone and wonderful lines. Concerning the console, it was made of elastic keys, which is substantially more helpful than level film consoles of that time. Console likewise included extraordinary BASIC keys that permit the client to execute wanted explanations, obviously, it was conceivable to present orders by composing them.

Thomson MO5 was the primary PC for some PC aficionados who began figuring out how to program. It is realized that in excess of 200 applications and games were grown explicitly for MO5 computers. We have gathered the majority of the product as roms, so in the event that you need to feel how it was playing on MO5 computers, don’t hesitate to download Thomson MO5 emulators and Thomson MO5 roms games from this page.