Tiger Game Com Roms

Tiger Game Com Roms

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Information about Tiger Game Com Roms:

Tiger Game Com or Game.com is undeniable game support created by Tiger Electronics in 1996. It was a business project, which is fundamentally specific as a contender to the mainstream around then Game Boy from Nintendo and was intended for a more seasoned crowd. Back then, the reassure showed a lot of novel thoughts – a touch screen, pointer and the Internet. The authority dispatch was planned for September 1997.

Tiger Game Com has an inherent profiles menu, schedule and Solitaire game. Game.com could truly beat the opponent Game Boy with its LCD contact screen, implicit schedule, clock, mini-computer, address book, telephone directory, uphold for the Internet association and a bunch of business selective games like Tiger Casino, Lights Out, Sonic Jam, Resident Evil 2, Duke Nukem and Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

With every one of these highlights, the support should’ve been a commendable adversary to battle with the principle rival Game Boy from Nintendo, notwithstanding, Game.com flopped hopelessly for some reasons. Reason number one is showcasing – hostile promoting from Tiger Electronics towards contenders prompted the circumstance that the press didn’t spread any data about the reassure and a couple of individuals thought about it, likewise few designers were intriguing in this stage, which prompted a modest quantity of games that were delivered for Game Com.

Furthermore, the extraordinary detriment in Game.com was the absence of music in practically all games, there were just a few sounds. Afterwards, Tiger Electronics delivered a refreshed variant of the Game.com Pocket Pro.

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