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Watara Supervision is a handheld game reassure delivered in 1992 by the Taiwanese organization Watara. This highly contrasting versatile comfort was delivered as an adversary for the King of the market – Game Boy, which had as of now immovably settled on the gaming market. At first, the reassure was valued at $50 and have been provided with the game Crystal, which reminds the incredible Arkanoid game. The support has a marginally bigger screen 160×160 pixels against 160×140 utilized on GameBoy, greater and along these lines more advantageous control catches, less expensive games. In any case, following four years (in 1996) the last game was delivered for the Watara Supervision and it goes into insensibility. The purposes behind such a fast conclusion are equivalent to on account of the Atari Lynx – an absence of publicizing, absence of advertised games or game characters. During the four years of the presence of Watara Supervision, it was delivered uniquely around seventy games, and the majority of them were created by Watara. To keep the ease of the support and by one way or another improve deals, Watara offered rights to deliver their variants of consoles in various nations, which prompted a wide range of varieties.

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