The Select Group of English football referees

Being a referee or an umpire in any kind of sport is always a difficult task. By visiting, punters can wager on many decisions these officials make.

In English football, there are plenty of referees and officials. They perform lots of roles such as:

  • main referees;
  • assistant referees;
  • fourth officials;
  • working on the VAR;
  • and also being AVAR officials.

Their decisions can have a huge impact on the game, and the 1xBet website is a perfect place to wager on anything they decide.

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The best of the best

In England there is an organization called Professional Game Match Officials Limited. Also known as PGMOL, this entity is tasked with selecting the best officials that perform all the aforementioned roles based on their performances. In addition to football referees, punters can visit to wager on cricket umpires and officials. All the names selected for these roles belong to an entity called the Select Group.

This organization separates the officials into two main groups. They are called Group 1 and Group 2. The officials that are part of the former are considered as the best of the best. For this reason, when UEFA or FIFA needs a good referee for one of their competitions, on many occasions they look at the Select Group. The 1xBet website can always be used to wager on anything that the officials that belong to this group decide.

Important events

Referees of the Select Group not only participate in the English Premier League, the FA Cup and other competitions in this country. One of the first major selections from the Select Group was Phil Sharp. He was an assistant referee who officiated in the final of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. At 1xBet you can find live football stream, watch online free now everything that happens in the most important competitions.

A particularly prolific year for this group was 2010. During that year Howard Webb was selected for being the main official in both the UEFA Champions League final and the FIFA World Cup final.

Mark Clattenburg has been another illustrious name of this group. First, in 2012 he was tasked with refereeing the Olympic final of that year. Four years later, in 2016, he was chosen for being the main official in the UEFA Champions League final and the UEFA Euro final of that year. Punters can watch free online live football streams now, and follow these major football tournaments at any moment.