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Escape Room Game Beyond Life Download

Beyond Life is a mystical fantasy escape game with two categories of 50 levels. If you are on the
hunt for the best mysterious adventure genre games combined with a point and click mechanics,
you’ve come to the perfect place.

Escape Room Game

Escape Room Game Beyond Life

What’s inside?
Beyond life is filled with classical logical puzzles with lots of riddles. This amazing room escape
game which was filled with mysteries and adventures will give you a challenging experience that no
other room escape game can match. Grab your detective hat and lens to find the hidden objects to
plan your Escape plan. Put on your logical brain and solve the various number and letter puzzles to
open the locks. Solve the riddles by investigating the clues found.
What’s special about Beyond life Room escape games?
Their game was beautifully designed with colorful interactive graphics and dressed up with appealing
game-play objects that alleviate your eyes. Make up your mind to jump into a game of logic and
fun. Observe, Analyze and use your logical skills to escape the mysterious Room. If you are a big
fan of room escape room games, don’t hesitate to try their game! We promise to make the most
unforgettable game experience for you!
The game starts with a natural disaster that would destroy the earth by resulting in it losing its
gravity. Earlier, a scientist made a note of this and was also given the possibilities to overcome it. At
present, his grandson finds the solution to it and also paves the way for escape from zero gravity.
Use your imagination and analytics to solve surreal tricks, riddles, and puzzles. If you really think
that your escaping skills are good enough, just download this scientific and fantasy adventure game,
that lets your dreams trap you.
The history of this game starts with Evil creatures like Kikimora, which are fewer in number
trying to invade the mass volume of good people governed by a noble King. Those Kikimoras
kidnapped the prince and had a plan to transform him into a kikimora on a full moon day. As a player,
you need to rescue the prince before the full moon day. The rescue of the prince will be a
challenging mission journey for the players.
The main goal of their room escape game is to break out of all the 100-plus rooms, solve the puzzles
and find all the hidden objects in all the 50 levels. Get involved in the game and challenge yourself
in this fun, addictive, free, and popular puzzle game.
Try to break all the doors and mysterious locks through your long memory power.
If you are a crazy escape games lover, we assure you all the 50 levels and 100 plus doors are taken
into the imaginary magical world and fulfilled your dreams through escape.
Welcome to the world of Fantasy Escape and Rescue !!!
Get ready to escape your Dreams !!!
Can you escape all the doors?
Can you escape all the mysterious rooms and doors? Can you escape from all the fantasy worlds
and their magical shrines? Can you unlock the secrets and find a way to escape? Can you escape from
the horror and gothic abandoned places? If your answer is YES, their room escape game is all yours. Are you ready for the most uncommon new fantasy escape game you have ever played? Beyond
Life game is completely free to play.
– Mystical Atmospheres & Magnificent Puzzles
– 50 Levels Game with unique design rooms
– User-friendly hints and clues
– Fantastic Mini games & Exquisite Game scenes
– Completely Free & Fun for all ages
– Quick to learn, with 25 hours of challenges
– Find Hidden Objects, locks & keys and try to open doors.
Discover all the secrets of this scientific and fantasy land in these beautiful and extremely exciting
Escape games

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