List of Roms Available

CONSOLE: Total Number of Roms:
Acorn 8 bit (646)
Acorn Archimedes (213)
Acorn Electron (951)
Amiga 500 (4,258)
Amstrad CPC (10,515)
Amstrad GX4000 (26)
Apple I (4)
Apple II (2,352)
Apple II GS (814)
Atari 2600 (2,480)
Atari 5200 (104)
Atari 7800 (68)
Atari 800 (5,483)
Atari Jaguar (47)
Atari Lynx (90)
Atari ST (304)
Bally Pro Arcade Astrocade (24)
BBC Micro (6,219)
Camputers Lynx (92)
Capcom Play System 1 (136)
Capcom Play System 2 (177)
Casio Loopy (7)
Casio PV1000 (5)
ColecoVision (479)
ColecoVision ADAM (104)
Commodore 64 (5,967)
Commodore Max Machine (3)
Commodore Pet (30)
Commodore Plus4 C16 (18)
Commodore VIC20 (292)
Dragon Data Dragon (559)
Elektronika BK (32)
Emerson Arcadia 2001 (47)
Entex Adventure Vision (5)
Epoch Super Cassette Vision (25)
Fairchild Channel F (36)
Funtech Super Acan (8)
Galaksija (52)
Game Gear (643)
Gameboy (1,231)
Gameboy Advance(GBA) (2,302)
Gameboy Color (976)
GameCube (1,405)
GamePark GP32 (35)
GCE Vectrex (108)
Hartung Game Master (12)
Intellivision (243)
Interact Family Computer (28)
Kaypro II (1)
Luxor ABC 800 (5)
Magnavox Odyssey 2 (133)
MAME 037b11 (2,257)
Mattel Aquarius (55)
Memotech MTX512 (101)
Microsoft Xbox (20)
Miles Gordon Sam Coupe (172)
MSX 2 (197)
MSX Computer (524)
Neo Geo (562)
Neo Geo Pocket (11)
Neo Geo Pocket Color (119)
Nintendo (3,023)
Nintendo 3DS (1)
Nintendo 64 (471)
Nintendo DS (6,189)
Nintendo Famicom Disk System (173)
Nintendo Pokemon Mini (43)
Nintendo Virtual Boy (29)
Nintendo Wii (1,142)
Nokia N Gage (127)
Pel Varazdin Orao (40)
Philips Videopac (34)
Playstation (1,412)
Playstation 2 (122)
Playstation Portable (3,832)
RCA Studio II (6)
Robotron Z1013 (659)
Sega 32x (36)
Sega Dreamcast (569)
Sega Genesis (949)
Sega Master System (415)
Sega Pico (63)
Sega SG1000 (100)
Sega Super Control Station (11)
Sega Visual Memory System (56)
Sharp MZ 700 (84)
Sharp X68000 (3,245)
Sinclair ZX81 (1,229)
Sufami Turbo (15)
Super Grafx (4)
Super Nintendo (3,180)
Tandy Color Computer (109)
Tangerine Oric (513)
Thomson MO5 (222)
Tiger Game Com (24)
TurboGrafx 16 (1,510)
VTech CreatiVision (21)
VTech V Smile (88)
Wang VS (3)
Watara Supervision (44)
WonderSwan (256)
Z Machine Infocom (82)
ZX Spectrum (12,904)

What is Roms/Games

ROMs, ROM Games, and Emulators does it sounds new to you? Computer game ROMs are nothing else except for a product that is introduced on a videogame cartridge, in any case, these days there are a hundred thousand ROMs accessible for download on the Internet. In the first place, individuals, who had progressed information in the IT field began to separate ROMs from cartridges and transfer them to the Internet.

Roms/ Games
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ROMs GAMES or ROM which represents (Read-Only-Memory), is NVM or (Nonvolatile Memory) which we principally use in numerous gadgets, for example, PCs, cell phones, supports and other. More often than not it is difficult to adjust the information of ROM without having progressed information in the IT field.

The principle utilization of ROM is to store firmware, presently you might be pondering “and what is firmware?” Let me respond to you – firmware is a sort of programming that firmly identified with explicit equipment and necessities refreshes habitually, that was the firmware short clarification currently back to ROM once more, as I said that the primary utilization of it is to store firmware or application programming in something many refer to as module cartridges.

Peruse just memory alludes to hard-wired memory. Like diode lattice and veil ROM or “MROM”, which implies that we can’t transform it subsequent to being delivered.

Recently, ROM has been refreshed to encase perused just memory in ordinary activity, however we can reconstruct it another way.

Erasable programmable read-just memory or we can call it (EPROM) and electrically erasable programmable read-just memory or we can likewise call it (EEPROM), possibly it is a cycle justifiable by its name which we can eradicate and reinvent it once more. In any case, this typically takes a great deal of time and need uncommon stuff or equipment to set up and for not many occasions as it were.

ROM understanding pace, obviously, is vastly different than RAM speed this is the reason we do duplicate ROM substance to RAM before the main use, later we read from RAM.

ROM composing speed: for ROMs electrically adjusted, composing speed is in every case path more slow than understanding pace, once in a while need high voltage.

I believe that I gave you a thorough and smart thought about what is ROM, presently back to our first inquiry: what is Games Roms?

Well to respond to that, you need to realize what is ROM picture or ROM document. Essentially, it is one of the PC records containing a duplicate of certain information from a read-just chip, for the most part from a computer game cartridge. Mainboard of arcade games or PC’s firmware.

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