Luxor ABC 800 Roms

Luxor ABC 800 Roms

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Information about Luxor ABC 800 Roms:

ABC 800 was delivered in 1981 by Luxor in Sweden and had an underlying cost of 9800 SEK, which is currently equivalent to $1157. Luxor ABC 800, otherwise called Facit DTC (DeskTop Computer) is a Swedish home PC, promoted by Facit in 1983. Facit DTC has a marginally extraordinary plan from the first ABC 800 by Luxor – hazier case, be that as it may, both of the models were outfitted with similar equipment. At first, Facit needed to sell the DTC outside the country, however soon they started to sell it in Sweden, contending straightforwardly with Luxor ABC 800.

The Luxor ABC 800 PC has 32 KB of ROM and RAM memory, the console is very advantageous and comprised of 77 keys, eight of which were unique capacities and the number keys were more modest. Implicit screen upheld 8 tones and 40×24 or 80×24 content modes. An underlying speaker could give the client a mono sound. Luxor ABC 800 PC had 2 RS-232 ports and one for the screen. Concerning stockpiling, it was utilizing a recording device and alternatively could be furnished with a 5″ ¼ drive.

Although, Luxor ABC 800 was mainly used for work, yet there were released few games for it. Today, you can download Luxor ABC 800 roms games and play them on your PC, Smartphone or tablet with the help of a Luxor ABC 800 Emulators. Download for free ABC 800 games such as Bomb, Grotera, Adventure, Life, Landning and others.