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Information about MSX Computer Roms:

MSX – one of the guidelines for the home and instructive PCs, which showed up in 1983. The most effectively delivering MSX Computers were organizations: Yamaha, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba. The greatest conveyance of MSX PC was in Japan, South America (there even were delivered a 32-cycle rendition of MSX-TurboZ with Z380 processor) and Europe (particularly France). In the USSR, all the instructive foundations and a few colleges have gotten from the Ministry of Education the Yamaha MSX 1, and afterwards MSX 2 PCs.

MSX Computer standard was together evolved by ASCII and Microsoft organizations with a target to give a stage to marked programming, and it depended on Microsoft Basic language. MSX was planned by Kazuhiko Nishi – Japanese developer who worked at Microsoft. He attempted to do the solitary norm by which any organization could fabricate their own viable PCs.

MSX Computer depended on the Zilog Z80 processor, same as utilized on ZX Spectrum PCs, anyway it worked at higher recurrence – 4 MHz. These PCs initially planned to utilize a traditional floppy drive and floppy plates with a limit of 720 KB. Contrasted and the ZX Spectrum tapes it was a colossal innovative jump – one floppy plate could fit chronicle of games, those projects that we would call today “office” and a full programming advancement pack.

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