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Sharp X68000, frequently additionally called X68K – a progression of home PCs, created in Japan by Sharp Corporation. In different nations, these PCs have not been sold. The PC depended on Motorola 68000 processor that was running at 10 MHz recurrence, 1 MB of RAM and it didn’t have a hard drive. The most recent model delivered in 1993 depended on Motorola 68030 processor that was running at a recurrence of 25 MHz, had 4 MB of RAM, and a discretionary SCSI standard hard drives with a limit of 80 MB. The RAM of this PCs could be reached out up to 12 MB, yet a large portion of the games and projects didn’t need in excess of 2 MB of RAM for their activity.

Sharp X68000 PC was dealing with Human68K working framework grew explicitly for Sharp Corporation by Hudson Soft Company. The OS has an order line interface, and a bunch of orders, similar as the arrangement of the MS-DOS OS orders. Three adaptations of the Human68KOS were delivered, for certain updates between the deliveries. Aside from Human68K, it was conceivable to utilize a unique rendition of NetBSD for X68030 and OS-9.

Early models had a graphical interface called “Versus”, later models were provided with SX-WINDOW GUI. Additionally, there was a shell called Ko-Windows, with an interface like Motif. These shells can be run from a floppy or hard drive. The majority of the games are likewise could be run from the floppy drive, some had a discretionary establishment on the hard circle, for some establishment on the hard drive was obligatory. After the end of the help of the framework, OS Human68K, text reassures, C compiler for SX-Window and ROMs of Bios and ROM have been delivered for community and now are uninhibitedly accessible on the Internet.

Sharp X68000 ROMs games can be downloaded for free and played with a Sharp X68000 Emulator on current gadgets, for example, PCs, cell phones and tablets.